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$49 USD

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Are you unsure about what colors you'd like to use in your space? Have you found a color you love, but you don't know which color goes with it?

You will receive two color options:

  •   Three or four colors that compliment or contrast your current color (for example: main wall color, trim, accent wall)
  •   If you haven't decided on any colors yet, you will receive three to four color selections that will fit your current decor (from my Sherwin Williams designer deck)
  •   Colors will be guaranteed to work with one another, but you MUST test colors on your walls. Each home has different lighting which can affect perception of color within each home.
  •   These are merely a guide, but you can get an idea of what works together. To match exact colors from Sherwin Williams, you can pickup paint cards from your local store, and any paint store can match those shades.